Should Who Writes What Matter?

Throughout our lives, we have been told to use as many sources as we can in order to gather enough information that supports and aids us in our writing. A significant portion of our lives is spent on education. The intellect and lessons our teachers and professors give us, the students, all comes from the works they have read combined with their personal thoughts and morals. We may even take our teachers and professors’ lessons and incorporate them into our lives. This means that these thoughts and morals that we take from others will be part of this chain that will keep forming as we pass this knowledge on to the other we share it with. Therefore, it is important that we keep in mind where these ideas and beliefs come from in order to be able to properly share them with others and give them the knowledge we have so that they can pass it on.

An important part of revealing the author of the work is the credibility it gives to the information given. Anyone can write whatever they please and post or publish their work wherever they want. Earning the credentials necessary to be a credible source and the quality as well as the popularity of the writing are some important qualities that are taken into consideration when determining the credibility of an author, as described by Scott Berkun in his blog: This is crucial when reading works like history books or newspaper articles because we trust that what these works are saying is in fact true. We use this credibility to feel safe about, for example, teaching what history books depict or spreading the knowledge about important current events.



Being aware of who writes what allows us to be able to share common interest, trust what we are reading, and be able to identify and relate or separate the work to other authors and genres of writing. Who writes what is in fact something that we must know because it provides various benefits to our reading.




One thought on “Should Who Writes What Matter?

  1. I agree! I think knowing the author and where he or she comes from would help in knowing if the source or what he or she writes is credible. The knowledge we can get from other people, even if it’s a blog, can be beneficial and important to what we write too. I like your blog all in all.


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