Who is to the Rescue?

You’re calmly walking down the street when you suddenly see a man pointing a gun at a cashier- what is your first move? Who do you call? Of course, we call our constantly reliable hero, the Police. The only source of protection we can all agree have that will always be there when something is wrong and we need help. This protection they give and justice they bring (to some extent) can lead us to call the standard policeman our  hero.

On the other hand, some believe there is no such thing as a hero, and believe the only true definition of a hero is represented by writing or in drawing like in comics or movies. The typical Superman or Spiderman that saves the day from any sort of danger at every singe non-humanly possible moment of the day, including natural disasters. Somehow these beings have the super power to save others: from outrunning robbers or fighting any kind of person, to something as simple as the typical saving a kitty from a tree.

We also have others who if they were to answer what the definition of a hero is would say the individuals who protect our country: Military men. This is somewhat similar to Virgil’s illustration of the Virgilian hero in the Aeneid. During these times, when Empires were being constructed and conquered, war was their most efficient way to gain this power. However, According to Virgil, being a great warrior is not enough. The Virgilian hero must depict qualities like pietas, virtus, and labor; Pietas meaning a sense of study and obligation to family, nation, and gods, virtus meaning moral courage or manliness, and labor meaning tireless striving. Other qualities of Virgil’s hero include the stoic idea of accepting fate/destiny and sacrificing happiness for ones responsibilities.

policeman-hero-concept-illustration-confident-handsome-police-officer-standing-his-arms-folded-44870077            VS.              7

In my opinion, a perfect hero would be one that possess a little of all of these versions of a “hero”. One that could be called at any time of the day to save you from danger, not having to posses any sort of supernatural power or give up their happiness. Then again, there might not be a perfect hero, but there will always be room for improvement. Throughout the years and depending on the person, definitions of hero have and will change, what’s your definition?





3 thoughts on “Who is to the Rescue?

  1. I like how your hero concept flows into a connection with Aeneas. You do a great job of defining your terms and explaining things. I agree with you, my hero would have all of those traits mixed and be real.


  2. The beginning of the blog post was a real attention grabber because it brings the reader into the scenario and allows them to interact with the text. I love how you end with a question that keeps the readers thinking of what a hero is to them. However, the thesis you were trying to make was a little unclear from the begging but then when you read on, you could see the argument you were trying to make. I would bring in another reliable source besides the lecture next time so you can cite it as evidence and create a supported warrant.


  3. The introduction to this blog was amazing. The hook really grabs and retains the readers attention and sets a good precedence for the central message. The paragraphs smoothly transition from one to another. When describing a Virgilian hero, a key aspect of what this figure embodies is the three characteristics that were discussed in lecture, pietas, labor, and virtus. Try specifying this as it will give the reader a better understanding of what a Virgilian hero embodies. My opinion of a hero is very similar to yours! Overall, I am really impressed with your blog!


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