Women Have Value

Throughout the years the perspective on women and their value as members of society has changed. From being forced into the housewife stereotype to now a days, running for president. Women have always been placed at the lowest levels of society, being used and treated as objects. Professor Zissos depicted this in lecture when he gave the example of Julia, Augustus’ daughter and how he banned her for disappointing him. Another example of the materialism of women can be seen in a passage from the Aeneid. This is illustrated when we first step into Latium in the Epic. Lavinia’s father gives her hand in marriage to Aeneas when he arrives to create his empire. During these times, women were used to create political alliances through marriage. This illustrates how these women were viewed as objects and were just chess pieces in alliances. The value of women is also seen as nothing in countries like china where pregnant women who have a boy are praised and if they have a girl, the children are seen as nothing, and sometimes left out to die.

Thankfully, Todays society has progressed and women are no longer used as objects and can live their lives freely. Women can have the same jobs and play the same sports as men, vote, own property, and much more. We have changed the way we are viewed and are slowly being able to be seen as equals to men. However, we are not completely there yet. there are still some people who use women as objects or tools. There are millions of girls that are forced into marriage at a very young age in countries like Asia, A Africa, and Latin America where that is what these cultures believe to be “normal”. These girls are used as tools: given away to make sure that the family doesn’t  fall into poverty.

Another way women are still used as objects today are the victims of human trafficking. These women from all around the world are kidnaped and forced into prostitution, silvery, and sometimes even murdered. They are killed and used for their organs to be sold.feature-image_rosie-the-riveter

These individuals are proof that there are various people that are sexist and believe that women are and should stay below men. Dr. Valentina Ricci’s part of lecture touched on how Philosopher Kant demonstrated ideas of sexism and racism. Someone so influential during his time, depicting these ideas that for some, make his work flawed, were somewhat dangerous. This is because he was so iconic and some would take every word he would say or idea he had and put it to practice. People who believe these actions are correct and still practice them to this day need to  be taught and told that it is unacceptable. Everyone should be seen as equal, because we are all made the same. We all come from human beings, no matter what color or gender we are, we are all the same.


One thought on “Women Have Value

  1. Your implementation of The Aeneid’s issue with Lavinia and Kant’s sexism is used well. Furthermore, your connection to the current presidential debate and how the role and power of women have developed over the years is important. I agree that Kant’s opinions are dangerous and those who continue to agree with his sexist and racist ideas need to adapt to today’s society. For your future blogs, I suggest to add more images throughout your blog. Furthermore, I suggest that you add sites that support your claim. However, your blog is interesting to read as it relates to both Professor Zissos and Professor Steintrager’s lectures.


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