We are all Mestizo



Look around you, we are all different. We come from different families. we are all different types of shapes and colors. whether we  ourselves come from a lineage of mixed races or are influenced by all of the different races we encounter everyday in multiple ways. As professor Lazo explained, a mestizo is a person of mixed ancestry that in some countries is used to describe a new national identity  that is not completely Spanish or American Indian. Lazo also explained how Hugh Glass from the Revenant who is fully white can be seen as a mestizo for making a life with a Pawnee woman. He can bee seen as having a mixed ancestry because he is neither fully european or American Indian because he lives the life of an American Indian, knowing his way around the reservation but has no mixed blood in him.

Similarly, I believe everyone in the  United  states is the the same position as Glass was. Anyone who comes to make a life in the United States can be seen as a mestizo, having to adapt to the culture here, taking it in and making it a part of them. Even if you are fully of only one culture and your household only teaches you one culture, you are still exposed to all the  other cultures that the US is made up of and become mestizied by the influence these races have. This is clearly seen when it is extremely beneficial to speak multiple languages when applying for a job, to be able to help customers, especially here in California where a large part of the population is hispanic and customers need help communicating with employees.

Unlike in the Revenant where glass was seen as an inferior and was put down for having a mixed child, Here its something that is and should be celebrated. There are many events that are held especially for those who are exposed to multiple ethnicities, for example the LA Times having the Latinos de hoy Awards , awarding these individuals who come form multicultural backgrounds that do all types of good in society.We should be celebrating the fact that we are able to learn and be a part of all of these cultures. Just the fact that we have the the opportunity to should be enough to encourage everyone to want to be a part of this multicultural country.


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