Preserving Culture

Think about our clothing and the way we dress today. The US is full of so many different cultures and different backgrounds  but we all have one same style. We are all so concerned with fitting in and looking good according to what American fashion today tells us looks good that we have lost our roots and culture along the way. Do some of us even know how our traditional ways of clothing are?4529c85364beb14b4dcf060163e53894

Dr, O’toole described the ways the Incas would proudly wear their maskaypacha  as well as their elaborate uncus which represented their status in the hierarchy. This unique attire would make them stand out and gladly demonstrate their roots to the Spanish and anyone who who could see and admire their heritage. Wouldn’t it be amazing of everyone still wore their traditional clothing so we could see where everyone came from?

I wanted to start of and demonstrate my roots, even though i am well aware of them, but i have never worn my traditional clothing:


i have enjoyed attended various Mexican cultural events that have demonstrated mainly traditional dances. I challenge everyone to find their roots and be more invested in their heritage. Where are YOU from?


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