Catching a Thief

One of the things that Professor Chaturvedi shared with us during lecture was the story of the case of the thief. The story went like this: A thief broke into a mans home and took many of his material possessions. Instead of buying and installing a safety system the man decided to open all of his doors and windows to offer the thief all of his things (or at least what remained of them). He did this in order to confuse the thief so he would make himself wonder if what he was doing was really the right thing. The thief then would think he is the victim, reconsidering what he was about to do and maybe not want to even do it at all. This was all an example of Gandhi’s resolution that the force of love and pity is greater than the force of arms and we must seek moral regeneration of the oppressor-Satyagraha. This passive resistance has 4 different compionents:

1.Perfect Chasity

2. adopt poverty

3.follow truth

4. cultivate fearlesness


I thought this was a very interesting idea and was impressed by the courage of this man. I think we should all be like Gandhi from time to time and think of more peaceful and clever ways to resolve issues.


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