We Need Proof!

disney-the-little-mermaid-sing-dance-along-casting-call-audition1Myths are myths for a reason, we don’t have any proof that they are real. But it was only up to a certain point in history where we actually started asking ourselves; is what I have been hearing actually true?

Before anyone realized that what people were saying could have been false, people would believe anything anyone said and not question its absurdity.

I realized this while in lecture when Professor Block described how African women giving birth was portrayed as easy and painless. African Women were also demonstrated with children on their back breastfeeding in paintings, which was clearly false. This would dehumanize them and compare them to animals which would, in the eyes of the Europeans make slavery acceptable.They had proof that European women suffered in childbirth because they actually present during the event but didn’t seem to need proof of the accusations they were making of the African women.

I was amazed by the great lengths Europeans went to dehumanize Africans and brought down to the level of animals just so that slave owners would feel it was okay to use and abuse these people. I am glad that we now live in a world where most people are smart enough to want something more than word of mouth to believe something they hear is true.


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