The Power of music



Its not just the emotions and feelings that songs bring out of you when you listen to them. There’s so much more to music than we know. As Professor Vo described in lecture, “music reflects the historical periods of a time”. she explained how Cambodian music was shaped by many different popular cultures like French, English, American, and more.¬†Professor Vo also revealed to us that music could shape history as well. She described how some music would remind people of the times before the war and before genocide.

I had never realized how important and how much impact the media, entertainment, and artists had on people. I especially realized this when Professor Vo revealed that in order to have a fair communist country the Khmer Rouge killed any leaders, artists, and entertainers. They can have so much influence on a population and were even seen as a threat by the government that they were ordered to be killed.


One thought on “The Power of music

  1. I too didn’t think of how much of an impact artists have, but I should have realized this because of their huge platform. They can speak up and get attention and it makes sense why the Khmer Rouge would have wanted to kill these individuals. Its really sad but their music and talent is beautiful and reflect the emotions and history of when it was made.


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