Empire at its Ups and Downs

This year we have talked about the various components of Empire, which have included various amazing things like the power of the Roman Empire, Inca and Andean culture, and Rousseau and his interesting yet very confusing philosophies.human-nature-according-to-hobbes-rousseau-14130592

And on the other hand we have learned about the harsh and not so pretty parts of empire like the Transatlantic slave trade and Manifest Destiny in the Philippines. I think the topic that struck me the most was Block’s lectures and learning about the horrible experiences that slaves had to go through. I always knew of  how horrible the idea of slavery was and was always aware that it was something that i had no way of understanding why it ever happened and how anyone in their right mind would ever think this behavior was in any way close to being okay.

I have enjoyed being taught all of these subjects that have made me aware of the good and bad parts of empire and be able to connect them to our empire and compare ours to others.


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